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Don't be fooled. It's Spring.

Saturday afternoon may have been a tease, but it was also a sign of things to come. The semi-perfect weather inspired me to spend not-so-perfect Sunday (brrr) making my spring fashion wish list. I mentally cleaned out my closet and daydreamed about putting my puffy coat, mittens and boots in storage. With the (fake) heavy lifting done, I got to the fun part. The updates.

1. Return of the classic shirt dress, as if it ever went away (Claridge & King, $180).  2. Gentle Souls Gladiator (Piperlime, $195). 3. Merino cardigan (J. Crew, $128). 4. Perf tote (Stella & Dot, $148). 5. Gold-plated diamond studs by Sheryl Lowe (Goop.com, $565). 6. Quilted jacket (Barbour, $199). 7. Bring in some spring via gorgeously arranged blooms (Winston Flowers, call for pricing). 8. Classic striped top with a color block twist (Piperlime, $49). 9. Boyfriend jeans (Current/Elliot, $225). 10. Flower fan necklace (J. Crew, $49.50). 11. Whale canvas smoke slipper (C. Wonder, $148).

In Defense of Gwyneth.

Tis the Season...